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Waterless Fish Bowl and Free Under the Sea Worksheet Printable Pack

Does anyone in your family want a new pet?  This week at Munchkin Place, we created Waterless Fish Bowls using upcycled mixed nut containers.  Plus some inexpensive supplies. To create the pictured Waterless Fish Bowls at home, you will need the following; an upcycled container with lid, a plastic fish, fishing line, duct tape aquarium rocks & plants.  Or to make your own Upcycled Fish Bowls at home print out Munchkin Place's FREE Make A Waterless Fish Bowl Worksheet that's included in our FREE Under The Sea Colouring and Worksheet Printable Pack.          For more free craft ideas and printables follow Munchkin Place Daycare.  Learning Through Art and Learning Through Play is our Forte.    

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