Fall Craft Mums For Mom

Supplies Needed for this Craft 

- Sticks gathered while out exploring with your Munchkin/Munchkins 

- Construction Paper 

- Duct Tape

- Non-toxic glue stick 

- Safety Scissors 

- Pencil or Crayon


craft flower Fall

Step by Step Craft Instructions 

- First go out on a fun adventure and collect sticks.

- For the flower petals: Draw 5 circles of different shapes onto Construction paper.

- Use Safety Scissors to cut out circles.

- Using Safety Scissors make straight cuts around all of the circles to create petals.

- Draw a smaller circle on different colored Construction paper for the center and repeat the above directions.

- Glue the circles together starting from largest to smallest.

-  Fold green Construction paper in half.  Draw a heart to  create the leaves.

- Using Safety Scissors cut out the leaves.

- Place the Flower underneath the top of the stick and one of the leaves underneath the middle of the stick.

- Duct Tape both in place.

- Draw a circle big enough to cover the Duct Tape on the back of the flower.

- Cut out using Safety Scissors.

- Glue the circle on the back of the petals and the leaves on the back of the Duct Taped leaves.

craft Fall

Finished result

craft Flower

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